LAROOM represents a comfortable and natural beauty. We offer a style that can coexist with your everyday life.
The room is your own space, tailored to your personal routine.
Hoping that our taste will allow you truly curate your own room,
We share our room with you.

  • [by LAROOM] 빌라ST팬츠
  • [by LAROOM] 젤리시어서커파자마SET (blue)
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 젤리시어서커파자마SET (orange)
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 이지파자마세트
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 캔디파자마세트
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 후르츠ST팬츠
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 베이ST셔츠
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 베이ST팬츠
  • [by LAROOM] 데일리스트라이프파자마SET (sky blue)
  • [by LAROOM] 데일리스트라이프파자마SET (beige)
  • [by LAROOM] 데일리스트라이프파자마SET (ivory)
  • [오늘출발|by LAROOM] 코지파자마쇼츠
  • [by LAROOM] 소다시어서커팬츠